terrAKua SPA ritualas

If WATER is the source of life and EARTH welcomes and nourishes life, terrAKua is the cradle of wellness: a synergy of Oriental, Ayurvedic and Western techniques that melts with fluid movements, warm touches and inebriating fragrances.

Benefits and features

This ritual is a real sensorial journey characterized by a specific holistic technique that, for the very first time, combines special earthenware tools with the hot and/or cold action. This synergistic action contributes to the relaxation of all the contractures, promotes the stimulation of energetic points and support the activation of microcirculation and skin oxygenation.

Involving all the senses, terrAKua creates an endless pleasure for the mind, the body and the soul, regenerating the skin and leaving it soft and smooth.


Around 75 minutes

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