AVE Sculptur Active procedūra

This treatment works on the tissues to increase the circulation and the cell metabolism, and it also stimulates the mind to react, providing vigour and energy. It is recommended to people with localized adiposity, skin blemishes due to cellulite, as well as for its anti-ageing action.

Benefits and features

The synergy of Algae, Vitamins and Essential Oils works in the heart of the cells to promote the cell regeneration and the reduction of the skin blemishes due to cellulite and adiposities. Reshape your silhouette, reducing adipose volumes and firming the tissues.


Around 60 minutes

Advanced Reshaping Neurocosmetics

This treatment works on two levels: it combines the Neurocosmetic action with the hi-tech action of an innovative carrier system and, involving the psyche and the nervous system, it influences the physiological processes involved in the formation of the blemish.

Benefits and features

The global neurocosmetic action, thanks to the Shape Solver Aromatic Composition, strengthens the lipidic metabolism and reduces the formation of brown adipocytes, favouring a strong detoxifying action.

Moreover, the Neurocosmetic action contributes to the regulation of the hunger/satiety biochemistry.

Finally, the Drone Technology carries out a localized action which, thanks to the microencapsulated extract of Coccoloba Uvifera, works directly on the adipocyte, minimizing the stock of lipds.

The silhouette gets reshaped and the skin becomes smoother and more compact.


Around 70 minutes

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